LMR Program Overview

The LMR Pools Owner-Assist Pool Building Program

You’ve probably already talked with one or more of the retail pool contractors and are likely reeling from “sticker shock”.  You may even now be thinking a pool might never happen for you, but yet another Arizona summer is upon us!

If only there was some way to get the pool at “wholesale” or “cost” and avoid the big retail mark-up expense…

Well, you’ve found the right place.  Read on…

  • To begin with, LMR Pools is not a swimming pool contractorNo, LMR is a licensed and BBB approved pool consulting company.  We are – in essence – your design assistant and liaison to the licensed and insured sub-contractors used for each phase.  We help protect your interests so the job is done in accordance with your dreams, expectations and within budget.

  • Under Arizona law, as a home-owner who lives (or will reside after completion) in the project home site, and who does not plan to rent or sell the home for at least one year following completion; you can act as your own legal contractor of record, and experience saving all the “retail markup” difference for yourself as a result.

  • Now don’t get worried here. The actual pool building work is done by experienced, licensed and insured sub-contractors in each carefully planned phase and various craft disciplines are coordinated; and full warranty assurance for labor and equipment applies for each aspect under State of Arizona consumer protection laws.  (We also help you manage those details after project completion included as part of our service.)

  • You’re NOT simply given a printed list of sub-contractors to call and negotiate with; or a long “To-Do” list of all the steps you need to go through on your own.  No.  LMR just won’t do that to you.  We understand your natural reluctance to take on a project of such size and scope without expert help.  And so we help you all the way.  And because we’ve done it so many times for other owner-builders… we’ll make the process comfortable for you.

  • We actively assist you from the first stage of design concept, through the excavation, plumbing, steel, shotcrete, etc.  down to the final filling of the pool and starting of the equipment and chemical balancing.

  • We are your knowledgeable guide and sidekick all the way.  We charge a set project fee for our services.  After that, what else you pay is determined by whatever equipment and subcontractor costs are called-for in the accepted bids.  You’ll know at the outset what the total will be, and you can pull-back or add-to before any expenditures are incurred.  No surprises.  Just your dream taking shape.

  • We don’t “process”, “markup” or “add-on” to those other fees – we simply make sure things gets done right and that you’ll know what each step is for and what options you have to control or direct costs.

  • Our project fee is far less than the usual retail markup of typical pool contracting companies.  So that’s where your big savings will come.

  • We can also help you design as much (or as little) of the adjacent landscaping and additional water features you wish to have in the final rendition of the project.  Given your projected savings on the pool, you may find you have enough budget to add a rock-slide, an elevated water fall or even a luxury-equipped BBQ island.

  • At the end, you will be happy with what you’ve accomplished as an owner-builder and even happier at the thrifty way you’ve invested your hard-earned money.